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Finding the Best Way to Grind Your Coffee

By Dr. Kenny Smith

There is no better way to begin a day, in my opinion, than with a perfectly brewed cup of expert sourced, roasted, ground, and brewed coffee. As humans, we experience taste and satisfaction like no other. God wired us that way and made many wonderfully flavorful things for us to enjoy. Excellent coffee prepared correctly emits the most satisfying aroma, taste, and vibe that humans have the privilege to enjoy. So, what's in our beans and how should they be treated to get the most out of the product and experience? Let's begin with learning a bit about how to grind coffee.

Whole-bean coffee is the best form to purchase if you want an extremely fresh brew. However, since Eagles Doman Coffee is roasted, ground, and shipped on the same day, if you drink a lot of coffee, you would be fine with allowing us to do the grinding to your preferred grain. Once you try a cup made with freshly ground coffee, there will be no going back! Newly ground coffee makes for the freshest cup filled with the most flavor. Understand that coffee begins losing its aroma and taste the moment the integrity of the bean is destroyed (by grinding). So, starting with fresh roasted specialty coffee beans and grinding them as closely as possible to your brewing time is optimal for people who are serious about their coffee.

When grinding the coffee beans of your choice you may want to experiment with how finely you want them before you grind. Different degrees of grinding will affect the taste of the brew. Also, brewing methods may dictate certain grinds over others (see our next blog). It is wise to note that some research and thought should be applied to any decision on how finely to grind for optimum taste and satisfaction of a premium specialty brew.

Very Fine grinds are used for special brews such as those made in a Turkish coffee pot. When going for a very fine grind, the consistency should be rendered to the consistency of powdered sugar. Basically, grind it until it can’t get any finer.

Just Fine grinds should be half the size of iodized table salt and are optimal for making expressos or brewing in a mocha pot. (some prefer this grind for k-cup brewers)

Middle of the Road grinds should be the size of iodized table salt and are best for drip or K-cup brewers.

Kinda Coarse grinds are around the size of a BB’s and are great for pour-over brewers to provide a satisfying cup when in a hurry. Note that a finer grind will make for a stronger cup in this type of brewer.

Really Coarse grinds are anything larger than BB’s, but generally are about the size of BB’s with chucks the size of ice-cream salt mixed in. and or French press.

It is logical to experiment until you find the best grind for your taste and satisfaction. Premium coffee is the right place to begin no matter the type of grind or brewer.

Getting to the perfect size grind can depend on the type of grinding method and tools. Coffee grinders are generally of either the burr or blade type. Burr grinders crush the beans between two plates (flat or cone shaped). This crushing method is preferred over others by many coffee professionals as it fractures the bean along natural fissures. The result of this type of grinder is that it renders more flavor. Blade grinders are the typical household appliance type. Blades spin and chop the beans into the size desired. Note, however, that the grind is not as consistent as that of a burr type rendered grind and this can affect the ultimate flavor rendered from the beans.

There are other ways to grind coffee without using a device made especially for coffee. A blender can be used on a grind setting and renders a grind like that of the blade coffee grinder, but the consistency of the grind is somewhat less. Food processors provide the same.

More crude methods are using a rolling pin and a large zip-lock food storage bag. This will get the beans down to a medium grind, and a motor and pestle can then be used to render the mix even finer. This method requires a little more time but works when you are in a pinch and need a way to grind.

The finer the grind and the slower the brewing process, the bolder and deeper the flavor profile the bean has to offer is rendered. Most social coffee settings use either the k-cup or drip makers, so your taste may be tuned to these methods and grinds. But we would encourage you to try coffee of different origins, roasts, grinds, and brewing methods to arrive at the perfect cup you deserve. And as always, we are here to help you find just the right combination.


The preacher in me must advise against placing all the hope for your day in a cup of coffee, even though it is an excellent way to begin your day. But even if it “means the world” to you, it will fall flat if that is all there is to your day. Do not only feed your body, but also feed your soul. Tend to your physical self with a fresh cup of coffee if you desire but accompany that with growing your spiritual self. “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:35 KJV).

God’s richest blessings!




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