100% of profits from Eagles Domain Coffee goes to fund Cross Chapel Ministries, Inc., a Christian 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to connecting resources and needs through Christian love and care. Such generosity in 2022 helped clothe and feed 5 children for a year (see graphic below), provide financial help for needy families, provide supplies for children in crisis, provide meals for strangers in need, bless unsuspecting but needy wait staff, medical supplies for needy, spiritual guidance and life coaching, and various writings and posts across multiple social media and educational platforms.

*We were able to add 2 children in fall 2022, bringing our total number to 7 living in Ecuador, Brazil, The Dominican Republic, Rwanda, Nicaragua, and the U.S.  We plan to add 7 more soon with the gracious help of generous people like you!

With the help of volunteers and partners, our mission is to support various Christian missions by networking to facilitate the connection of needs with providers and to teach biblical truth through daily devotionals, studies, life coaching, and shared resources. As we strive to follow God's direction, join us in our mission. We count on support from individuals like you.
Follow the link below for a synopsis of some of our mission efforts and accomplishments in 2022: