Salt, anyone?

Salt, anyone?

Salt enhances flavor by bringing out the sweetness and minimizing bitterness, each of which is part of the coffee experience. But when we consider changing the constitution of the coffee in our cup, the balance can be a bit complex. Some bitterness is often desired provided it balances with flavor notes brought about by the level of acidity and any added sweetener, other flavor enhancers (honey, creamer, mint etc.) notwithstanding.  The key to turning a good cup of coffee into a great cup of coffee is finding that just right balance that renders the flavor we desire.

A little-known practice is using salt as an additive to your coffee. To American coffee drinkers this may sound strange, but it is common in many places around the world. It is used much like milk or sugar, but in much smaller quantities.  and it’s common in many countries. The point of adding things to coffee is to alter the flavor to one of our better likings. Salt can be added, not as the flavor, but rather something that amplifies what is already present in the coffee blend chosen. This can change the whole coffee experience because it brings out the subtle flavors that sometimes get lost when we add sweeteners and other flavors.   

Whether you are drawn to the bitterness, sweetness, or somewhere in between, everyone has a different tolerance/perception of salt. A little salt for one person may subtly change the flavor, whereas the same amount may overwhelm another person’s palate. And even with those people whose taste buds appreciate bitterness, a balanced bitterness is still desired. These same bitter lovers are likely also drawn to dark chocolate, grapefruit, pale ale, and Brussels sprouts.

We recommend that if you want to experiment with salt in your coffee, make a 20% saline solution and slowly add to see what flavor changes appear. There are no shortcuts, such as shaking salt directly into your cup or mixing it in with the grounds during brewing. These methods are not exact, and the salt content must be exact each time or your coffee flavor will never be the same twice.

Like most things we experiment with, start off slow and small, and then measure the increases/decreases from there. Your perfect cup of coffee awaits!

Dr. Kenny Smith

Eagles Domain Coffee, LLC

Cross Chapel Ministries, Inc.

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