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Skull Skull Double Transparent Glass

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1. Using high borosilicate glass, crystal clear, good texture.
2. It has strong mechanical strength and strong performance against rapid cold and hot temperature changes.
3. Strong corrosion resistance to chemicals such as acids and alkalis.
4. It is easy to clean and does not absorb the taste of tea.
5. Mainly suitable for: it can be used for green tea, black tea, scented tea, oolong tea, Pu'er tea, craft scented tea, fruit tea, etc. , Interesting, it is not only your taste in life that will be improved!

Product information:

Style: Creative

Shape: round

Function: high temperature resistance

Craft: hand blown
Material: high borosilicate glass
Capacity: 200ML
Size: height 7CM, diameter 7CM
Packing size): 10*8*8CM
Weight: 80g
Heat resistance: -20ᄚ- 180

Packing list:

Creative crystal skull mug - glass double - glass skull - glass - glass - skull - glass



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